October 4, 2016
This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Salmon is celebrated nationally. I’ll tell you more after this.
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October 8th marks the 2nd annual National Salmon Day; thanks to Chicken of the Sea and their efforts last year to give salmon its own special day.  There are twenty-three national seafood holidays and the company believed   it only made sense for the second most popular seafood in the United States to have a day too.chicken-of-the-sea-salmon-day
Chicken of the Sea Spokesman Bob Ochsner –
“So we thought, let’s get behind an effort to create a National Salmon Day for anyone and everyone who provides salmon, and or serves salmon. Wild or packaged, anyway that we can get people to eat more salmon, that is our goal.”
As a top maker of canned and pouched Alaska pink salmon products, Chicken of the Sea researched the top 10 salmon eating cities in the US.
Spokesperson Cristina Pellizzon-
“It is no surprise Anchorage made the list as one of the top ten salmon cities. The list includes the salmon loving cities: Anchorage, Seattle, but also Chicago, Cincinnati, and Columbus.”
Also on the list are Baltimore, Nashville, New York City, Washington D.C., and San Diego.
“We are finding that even in these meat eating cities that residents are becoming more likely to switch out there top sirloin for fresh salmon or Chicken of the Sea salmon pouches.”  
Bob Ochsner agrees.
“It’s pink, it’s delicious, and it’s kind of a wonder fish! So through companies like Chicken of the Sea we are trying to make it accessible to everyone in the United States and all over the world.”  
From now through October 8 Chicken of the Sea is offering up a few different sweepstakes to celebrate National Salmon Day. The grand prize is a 7 day trip for two Alaskan cruise. Enter to win at www.chickenofthesea.com.
Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods, serving Alaska’s fishing communities since 1910. On the web at  www.oceanbeauty.com  – In Kodiak, I’m Stephanie Mangini.