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March 8, 2013

 Chinook researchers wanted, Atka Pride opens early, Chile lice

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch … Chinook researchers are wanted, Atka Pride opens early, and sea lice attacks salmon in Chile.  More updates after this …

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 State salmon managers are seeking a contractor to help solve the problem of disappearing king salmon in Cook Inlet.  The project will attach  acoustic telemetry tags to salmon caught in the Lower Inlet . The goal is to try and “identify differences in the migration patterns of Chinook and sockeye salmon” in the eastside setnet fishery;  and “determine potential alternative management strategies to reduce Chinook harvests.”   Test fishing has shown that most sockeye salmon migrate northward  near the center of the Inlet, but it is not known if Chinook salmon follow the same pattern. . The research contract is worth $693,000. solicitation .   Cook Inlet is home to one of Alaska’s largest salmon fisheries with mixed  harvests of all five species of Pacific salmon. Contact:

 Bering Sea fishermen can catch a break with an April 27 opening of Atka Pride Seafoods. The early opener provides a jump on deliveries of IFQ sablefish and halibut, as well as cod, and saves about 400 miles off the  trip to Dutch Harbor. Atka Pride is co-owned by APICDA Joint Ventures and the Atka Fishermen’s Association.  The company   added a deep water dock last year and Atka Pride plans to soon be open year round. Contact:  (907) 771-4200.

 Finally, is Chile’s farmed salmon crop heading for another crash?  Sea lice levels and disease  are on the rise in Chile, according to reports from global fish farming leader Cermaq of  Norway.  Chile’s salmon  farms were nearly wiped out by a virus five years ago but by last year production had rebounded to an all time high. Cermaq said sea lice and fish health are becoming more challenging in Chile as volumes of farmed salmon increase. Mortality levels reached  three percent in January.

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