Fisheries update October 14 2013


This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Crab season stats and salmon tallies. More fisheries updates after this…

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Crab season is a day away …

October 15th marks the start for Bristol Bay Red kings, Bering Sea Tanners and Snow crab. The Red King crab catch is up this year by 91/2 percent with 8.6 million pounds. Tanners is reopened this year with a 3 million pound quota. The Bering Sea Snow crab catch is down by nearly 19% at just under 54 million pounds. Due to government shutdown the crab fishermen sit and wait for their permits and IFQ’s to be issued so they can get started.

The federal ground fish fisheries are on going…

“Primarily ground fish. So your pot cod, hook and line cod, Pollock fisheries in the gulf, yellow fin sole the fisheries that are occurring in the Bering Sea. They are still being actively managed.”

Josh Keaton is a manager for the National Marine Fisheries Service and is one of two staffers on the job at this time. There is less than a month to go in the halibut and sable fish season when it wraps up on November 7th.

Moving to  Southeast

Divers continue to go after the 1 ½ million pound sea cucumber harvest. Sitka is closed, putting all the geoduck action around  Ketchikan with nearly 600,000 pounds of clams, along with red sea urchins. Fishermen continue to target a half a million pounds of pot shrimp. On the first  Southeast’s Dungeness crab season opened,  along with a Golden King crab fishery.

In the Gulf-

Dive fisheries are on going around Kodiak. There is little to no effort in the pot cod fishery with under 1 ½ million pounds delivered out of the 8.2 million pound quota.

The 2013 salmon season numbers have been tallied…

The total salmon harvest topped the charts with a record of 272 million fish valued at $691 million at the Alaska docks. It is the second most valuable salmon fishery, after 1988.

 Finally, the Alaska Board of Fisheries gathers in Anchorage this Friday, from the 18th thru the 22nd at the Hilton. On the table will be 44 proposals on  statewide Pacific cod fisheries.

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