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Next week…Future fishing leaders will gather for the 5th Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit in Anchorage. The three-day  program is fast paced. With a variety of hands on workshops.

“The first over arching goal is to get young fishermen together so they can talk to each other.”



Sunny Rice is an Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Agent in Petersburg. She says all the speakers and teachers at the summit are industry experts.


“Either fishermen themselves or people with the expertise in the council process, or in fishing business, or  the markets. So this networking opportunity is another over arching goal.”

The up and comers get to learn about the financial side of buying and owning a boat to the market end  of selling their fish to the science management side of the fishing industry.


“We timed it specifically to coincide with both the board of fish meetings and the meeting of the North Pacific Management Council. So there will be a lot of fish activity going on.”


This year they are tying in the  regulatory process.

“We change it a little every time, but we keep some of our basics. One of our favorite things is a little session on how to go and give your three-minute testimony. What is it to stand up in front of people and make your point in three minutes that you have in front of the board of fish. So that’s a fun one.”


In the four separate  sections participants get to bring home with them the tools that it takes to become a successful fishermen.


“We have a great person that is an accountant and drift fishermen who teaches the basics of keeping your books and helping you make the decisions on how you might grow your business.”


Rice adds that the most important thing is to help give the next generation a voice and the skills that it will take to keep a viable fishing industry.


“It’s a serious business these days. You know you are often looking at debt, you’re looking at a lot of money to get into these fisheries. So it takes maybe a slightly different perspective of the fishing business to run one.”

The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit will take place December 10th thru the 12th at the Marriott Hotel in Downtown  Anchorage. For more information go to the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, or get links at our website www.alaskafishradio.com

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