The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is launching their first ever-commercial fishing video contest. Over the years, they have had several photo contests, but ASMI wanted to switch things up this fall and make fishing videos part of the media trend.

“One of the reasons we are doing the video contest instead of the photo contest is because video is becoming prevalent online as well as social media.” 

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Jeremy Woodward is ASMI’s outreach coordinator in Juneau-


“Trying to find good content and shareable content can always be a challenge. We at ASMI thought we might as well go straight to the source, the folks that are closest to the fish and working on the boats. We know that they are taking videos while they are working hard, and we wanted to see what they had to share with us.”


They are looking for videos that highlight the life of Alaska’s fisheries.


“What is put into the early mornings and those long nights, working in extreme weather conditions, but also why being an Alaska commercial fisherman is worth it.  Why it is worth the early mornings and long nights. Why it is worth being in the heavy seas, strong winds.”


They want the videos to show everything that goes into being an Alaska fisherman to the rest of the world.


“We are looking for variety, and scenery always helps. However, what we also want is a story; if someone is brave enough to get in front of the camera themselves and do some storytelling about what it means to be a commercial fisherman that always goes a long way.”


Woodward says there is a lot that goes on between the boat and the plate, so any footage capturing the fishing industry is eligible.


“We would love to see more footage from processors or other parts of the industry. The Alaska seafood industry may start in the ocean or on the boats, but it ends at the plate.  And if we can see that in video that would be great.”


The three winning videos will be shown around the globe through ASMI”S promotional program, along with cash and prizes.


“First place prize gets fifteen hundred dollars plus an ASMI swag bag. That includes a dry bag with Alaska seafood logo on it; we are also throwing in a micro fleece jacket, a couple different hats, some koozies and some boat key floats and more.  Second place also gets the swag bag and one thousand dollars, and third five hundred dollars and the swag bag.”


The video deadline is September 30th go to for entry forms and more and find links at