Alaska handcrafted baby food by Bambino’s in Anchorage continues to lead the way in healthy nutrition with their organic, frozen baby foods. The meat or seafood veggie combos help build healthy foundations for babies and all ages.


“The mission for Bambinos is one thing that has always stayed very consistent. It is very purpose driven for helping little ones develop a healthy pallet and also helping them with either current allergies or allergy prevention.”  


Zoi Maroudas is founder and CEO of Bambinos. Recognized nationally, she is the first to successfully make baby food with wild Alaskan seafood. 

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“You must include seafood in it, to be able to get the natural omegas. It is the next best thing to a nursing mother’s milk. It was always part of my mission, it was just the taboo of seafood being in the baby food industry, and I knew we had to overcome that. And bring it back to the parents and say that it is safe and that it is a very valuable ingredient that children should be having in their diets.”


Bambino’s award-winning Sockeye Salmon Bisque and Hali Halibut come in star-shaped frozen portions that can be used as popsicles or purees. Maroudas says they simply taste good. 


“You have to balance the proteins and the grains together just right in order to make the nutritional content and flavor just right for little ones to enjoy, and not just the little ones, we enjoy it served as salmon bisque.” It is the quality seafood that is consistent. Quality ingredients, quality mission, traceability direct to parents.”  


Clients range from as young as 3 months to 103 years old.


“From adults that are late-stage Alzheimer’s patients to bodybuilders looking for that lean protein high nutrient diet to moms going on a diet to lose the baby weight while feeding it to their babies that need to gain the weight.” 


The baby food ships all over the US right to the subscribers front door. Business is booming with its first “open concept” storefront located in Anchorage. 


“We are the first baby food manufacturing facility to open their doors to the public; that says come in, learn, and know where Bambinos is.”

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