March 17, 2014

FDA Stand Still FRAnkenfish

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini.  FrankenFish stamp of approval at a stand still. Hear more after this…

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The push to keep genetically tweaked salmon off American dinner plates is still on hold. I could be because of the refusal of the test tube fish from a handful of supermarkets or the thousands upon thousands of concerns from consumers. No body knows, but the once gung ho approval process has now come to a stand still.


    “Actually we got … 33 or 35, 000 comments.”

FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg-

“So this is a topic that people care a lot about. We’re going through those comments, taking them very seriously. And we will be moving forward in a science-driven way.”

Aqua Bounty the company producing salmon on steroids has been trying for two decades to get FDA approval. As the Food and Drug Administration continues to decide if it is safe for people to eat  genetically modified fish,    U.S. Senator Mark Begich and his army of anti Frankenfish activists march on.

“As you know I have a coalition of sport fishermen, commercial fishermen, subsistence fishermen, business owners, environmental groups, development groups, you name it we dropped on the FDA like a ton of bricks.”


The concern goes well beyond Alaska. The Frankenfish is getting a big thumbs down nationally. Environmental efforts have pushed supermarket chains signing to not carry the GMO salmon in their stores.  Recently Safeway and Krogers have gotten onboard. The battle against Frankenfish will continue as long as it stays alive, says Senator Begich.


“We are going to keep the fight up. And I will use every inch of the clout as a chair of th oceans  sub committee that deals with fisheries and my seniority here in the senate to push back on FDA.”  


There is still no word on when the FDA will give their stamp of approval.

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