salmon-lifeSept. 12, 2016
This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Celebrating Seafood. Fun fishy festivities after this…
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Whether it be crab or fish, celebrating the abundance of our fisheries with festivals brings our communities together. From Salmon Stock in Ninilchick to The Salmon Jam and Copper River Wild festival in Cordova and the Pink Salmon Festival in Valdez –to last weekend’s 2nd annual Halibut festival in Homer.
“It is a way for us to celebrate halibut and its ecosystem, and the many different fishermen and seafood lovers that rely on it; and also to share important information about our marine resources.”
 Hannah Heimbuch with the Alaska Marine Conservation Council is event organizer.
This year the AMCC joined forces with the Kachemak Bay Wooden Boat Society; they have held a fall wooden boat festival for the past two decades.
“This year we coordinated our events and have created one big maritime festival. So this is really a great time for us to come together as a community as people of Coastal Alaska and celebrate the long history and hopefully an even longer future of our marine resources.” 
Moving on down to the Emerald Isle two Local Kodiak Salmon Lovers, Danielle Ringer and Astrid Rose, are rallying together the 3rd annual Salmon Life Festival.    
  “Astrid Rose and I started this event in 2014 when we decided there needed to be some sort of community celebration that really focused on the rich salmon resource and connecting all of the people that are attached to salmon in different ways.”
Ringer says the event has really grown.
 “So the first year it kind of just came together, it was pretty small but went really well and we had beautiful weather, and it’s amazing now in 2016 you get a little bit more logistics, and the event has grown and gotten a little more community buy in and people are excited. People have been asking us throughout the fall and spring if it was going to happen again and so we are excited to put it on.”  
The Salmon life Social is this Sunday, and coming up in November  Whalefest in Sitka.
“To have a salmon celebration I think it’s a way to bring people together. It is definitely one of the life bloods of the whole archipelago; it’s the renewable resource that keeps coming back to Kodiak every single year.”
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