A revolutionary work boot is hitting docks this spring. Designed by fishermen and approved by fishermen, Grundens seamless American made Deck Boss boot is a game changer in rain gear. Compared to the average rubber boots that tend to hold in sweat and moisture, this boot allows the foot to breathe, along with many other unique features no other boot has.
“I wanted to recognize that everybody that goes on board a commercial fishing boat is an athlete in their own way.”
Mike Jackson is Grundens USA President. He design came from his own commercial fishing experience.
“And those offshore athletes really need footwear that helps them be the best at their job.” 
One of the Deck Boss boots unique features is the two-part insole.
“There is an upper deck, which is where the cush is; or I mean the cushion under foot.”
It is perforated, so it allows liquid to make its way through the insole.
“Then we have the lower deck of the insole that is supported by pilings that create an effective bilge space, or the space underneath the insole.  So the moisture can collect underneath your foot instead of having it around your foot.”
The bilge allows the excess water to be dumped out with little to no wetness inside the boot.
“The inner lining material is hydrophobic so it won’t absorb any water. But there will be a little trickle of water where it was poured out, but that disappears really quickly.”  
The upper insole can be changed out depending on the user’s foot needs.
“The real attribute of that is that if your feet have special needs. For example, if you have plantar fasciitis, or you have a high arch or low, or no arch and you find that some aftermarket insole works better for your foot you can remove our really comfortable upper deck and put in your own insole.” 
After three years of field testing, the boots has surpassed expectations.
“Not only does it look like it is going to do the job, you put it on your foot and it feels like it’s going to do the job. The results are coming back consistently that it is the only boot somebody wants on their foot.” 
Jackson says that functionality is key.
“On every fishing boat function drives everything; the ability to work efficiently, the ability to work safely, all of those things. So if these boots deliver the way I believe that they will; both on superior non-slip traction, as well as superior comfort, Then I think we have created something that is going to be most welcome by the feet of fishermen around the country.” 
The Grundens Deck Boss boot is available for pre-sale at local marine fishing stores. Hear more about the Deck Boss boots with Mike Jackson via podcast at www.alaskafishradio.com
“I believe that everybody works better when things fit him or her properly, whether it is apparel or footwear. Especially if you are going to be on your feet for twenty hours a day it becomes absolutely critical.”   
Alaska Fish Radios Stephanie Mangini