High school students-

are getting a head start toward a degree in fisheries science with the help of the University of Alaska Southeast’s Fisheries Technology Program in Sitka and Kodiak.  The IPad training courses make it a great learning tool for the students and give teachers a platform to add on to the curriculum.
Angelica Brown is the High School  Fisheries Science teacher in Kodiak
I’m using what Reid has provided as a framework as a really solid foundation and then going out to see what people actually do in the fisheries or bring them into the classroom. I have taken the students to go see pillar creek hatchery, we went clamming, and we have walked the docks and identified various types of fishing vessels.”  
Reid Brewer,  UAS Professor, and course designer says that they have seen great results from the students and the teacher.
“The students just sent us a list of amazing quotes.  Three or four of them are talking about going into the UAS Marine Biology Program; somewhat because of these two courses that we are teaching. So in the semester’s time, we really reached out to those students that we were hoping we could reach out to.” 
“In terms of investment for Angelica she doesn’t need to design the curriculum, she doesn’t need to write the exam, all she has to do is preview it, play it for the students. So she has been really innovative in finding ways to tie hands on experience to the theoretical stuff.”  
 One student says that it is a unique class and shares her experience.
“This is really unique compared to normal high school classes. We are able to be inside and outside; we are learning things that we could actually learn outside of high school that has to do largely with our community, so we are out there clam digging or going on field trips to the local hatcheries and other outings like that.   So it’s nice to actually get a background of information about our actual community.”
She will graduate high school with four college credits.
“This is my favorite class. to get paid for something that I love to do when I  graduate would be amazing. So when this opportunity through UAS was available I jumped right on it.” 
Mrs. Brown hopes to see the courses continue in the classroom.
“I think it has been great that we have been given this opportunity to offer this to students and they are really enjoying it.”
UAS Fish tech Programs on the go IPad courses are available to anyone year round and continue to grow in course size find links at the University of Alaska Southeast website.