Wild flavors of Alaska are what make the Dear North Salmon products stand out. The new high-end canned salmon and jerky made in partnership by Dear North and the Huna Totem Native Corporation have been flying off the shelves in over 400 specialty stores and online. Every detail of the product, from the packaging to the unique taste put Alaska in the palm of your hand. 
“There is this magical interest and curiosity around what I call, “The Alaska Lifestyle”

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Anne French- President of Dear North-
“It’s an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, especially in those summer months. People come home at five and are out until midnight, and they are with their friends and family, and their kids and their bottle of wine and smoked salmon and their kayaks. People down here are crazy about Alaska. Whether they know anything or not, they are just completely crazy about it.”
Fifty product ideas were narrowed down to two after thousands of consumer tests.
“One is a smoked salmon in a jar and the other is what we are calling the salmon bites, which is our answer to jerky.”

From the Salmon to the spice, it is all sourced from Southeast. With the help of chefs, they were able to come up with the best and most unique flavor combinations with the use of Alaska’s wild ingredients.
 “Our best selling is the savory sea kelp and sesame and the fireweed honey. But it’s combining things like rhubarb and raspberry, things that can be sourced from Alaska that pertain to Alaska that we came up with.”
Dear North salmon products are some of the purest proteins on the market. French says it has been in high demand since hitting store shelves. Find them at www.dearnorth.com
“There was an opportunity to really bring out something unique and premium. A way to honor the place that it comes from, which is absolutely unique and premium and pristine and the highest quality in the world.”