An all-natural liquid shellfish solution is enhancing plant growth. An extract from crab shells, chitosan, is the magical marine by-product that makes up “High Tide,” a plant immunity booster made by the Alaska company, Tidal Vision. The chitosan triggers a plant’s natural immune response, in turn growing larger and hardier crops.
“In different plants that means increased yield or increased sap production, increased likelihood of surviving fungal infections and revival.”
Craig Kasburg is the president of Tidal Vision. He says High Tide has been tested on a variety of plants from turf to trees.
“It is used in tree nurseries a lot. It helps to revive stressed shocked trees. For instance, trees that are transported, or if there was a sudden freeze in temperature while being transported, it has increased their survival rate.”
Kasburg says it has also proven to grow bigger and stronger fruits and vegetables.
“It’s commonly used in berries because it increases the size of the berries.  As far as tomatoes go, we have a paper to cite that showed increased size in tomato plants, as far as how many leaves and branches grew in the same amount of time. We also saw a decrease in the number of plants that died of diseases.”
High Tide is also being used in the farming of cannabis.
“We did trials with over 500 cannabis growers and found the same results. By increasing the sap production, it’s increasing the essential oils and the THC and CBD, everything that makes cannabis valuable.”
Tidal Vision hopes to see growing results in their trial on maple trees this year. Learn more about chitosan uses and products at www.tidalvisionusa.