October 19, 2016


This is Fish Radio, I’m Stephanie Mangini. Words after the fisheries debate. Community members speak out after this…

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It was all fish with just a hint of oil talk at the U.S. Senates Candidate Fisheries Debate last week in Kodiak hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. Senator Lisa Murkowski, Margaret Stock, Ray Metcalfe, and Breck Craig touched on topics like what their favorite fish was to their thoughts on climate change. Here is what the audience had to say.

“I think it is nice to see them in person and to be here to see the interactions in real life. And since it is fisheries there are a lot of different broad topics to go through tonight. But I’m really hoping to focus on the relationship state and federal management and the concept especially of more privatized fisheries.”

“What they consider the federal government’s role in fisheries is. Then I want to see what their knowledge base is, who knows the most about fisheries and where they are the strongest. I think that is very important.”

As the Candidates took ten, attendees shared their thoughts.

“I think it is a wide range of knowledge and actually the experience about the fishing industry and it runs from not knowing much at all to really in depth knowledge, so it’s a good depth and breadth of experience.”

“I think it has been really interesting. We are getting some good feedback from everybody and its nice how they are all speaking constructively with each other; there has been positive banter and some joking, but all in all it has been on a really nice and upbeat level. I like the way everyone is dealing with each other.”

“It’s very entertaining. I think that they are doing a good job and covering a wide range of topics and I think it is showing a lot about the candidates and their backgrounds.”

“It’s pretty amazing how different the backgrounds and its pretty big disparity among the candidates and so I think it has been really useful. And I think some of them worked really hard to educate themselves and that is evident.”

I’m impressed that we have our candidates here in Kodiak and that they have taken the time to come here and talk about fish because it is such an important issue for our community.”

Many said it was the women that stole the night, but it was Candidate Margret Stock that had people talking after the debate.

“I really enjoyed it. I thought the ladies were crushing the debate tonight.”

“I am impressed with Margaret Stock. I think she is very intelligent and seems to be up on everything that she was asked. She seems very sharp and knows all the issues. I am also very interested in her because she is aware of climate change, and I am pretty tired of the republicans denying it. So I am very much interested in her on that subject.”

“It was interesting that several of the candidates did their homework and actually knew more about some of the topics then I know, and I fish for a living. I was pleasantly surprised how much energy Margaret Stock put into some of the issues. I was really impressed with that.”

The Chamber’s Julie Bonney credited all the candidates.

“I was impressed with the breadth of knowledge of all four candidates. I felt that if I was someone in the audience I would want to take a piece of each one of them, to put them together for our next senator because I all thought they had really good ideas and good comments. And they know something about fish which I was pleasantly surprised.”

Remember to vote on November 8th. And check out the line up next month at Pacific Marine Expo- www.pacificmarineexpo.com

Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods – who salutes and says thanks to the men and women fishing across Alaska for their hard work and dedication. (www.oceanbeauty.com) In Kodiak, I’m Stephanie Mangini.