Fall Cod is a Snooze


This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. The Fall Cod Season is a Snoozer. More after this…

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The fall Pacific cod B season  hasn’t made many waves since opening  on September 1st. The 9.6 million pound Central Gulf  harvest has hardly taken a hit. Only a few boats have shown effort in the pot cod fishery, compared to 2012 when around 35 vessels were actively fishing the 12 million pound quota. At this time last year 5 million pounds had been delivered, were as of now just under half a million pounds has been landed. Some say it’s bad prices, others expenses, but most think the fish just aren’t there, Fish Radio talked to a few optimistic skippers that are willing to give the season a shot.


“Cod fishing is really slow! We are trying to get some but it is just really slow. Hopefully it will pick up.” 


Captain Ron of the F/V Sea Barb says it’s just an off year.


“ I don’t know, I’m hoping it’s a cycle, a fishing cycle. And hopefully only three years. We hope its going to be on the up swing.” 


The F/V  Savannah Rae carries a more positive outlook.
“I think the cods still there. I just don’t think there is the pressure because of the low price.” 

The 28 cent per pound cod price isn’t getting fishermen to excited, especially when it barely covers  boat expenses.

“The fuel price, and bait price is ridiculous. It just adds up.”

When asking about the market Captain  Ron believes that cod is strong and the processors are in need of cod fish.

“Our cannery doesn’t have any cod in the freezers and they say there is a strong filet market, so why we are getting 28 cents I don’t know, but they have sold every cod that they have bought.”

So why the low numbers and more grunt work for the pot cod fishermen?

“Well I think that the pollock moved here and the cod moved out west. That’s what I’m thinking.”

“ Fish and Game is saying there is more fish, so there the ones with all the brains so hell there’s got to be more fish. Am I right?”

In the Western Gulf, P-cod is looking better with double the landings and around 2 ½ million pounds taken, compared to the Central Gulf numbers. As of now this years fall season is expected to roll right into next year. Fishermen can only hope for a better price and more fish in the  months to come.

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