Aug 1, 2016
This is Fish Radio I’m Stephanie Mangini.  Share local salmon knowledge. Hear more about a salmon survey after this…
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Who knows more about salmon than Alaska Fishermen? United Fishermen of Alaska is reaching out to fishermen to help collect data on salmon and their habitat. The Salmon Habitat Information Program also known as SHIP got under way last week.
“What we want to do is get a better understanding of what types of habitat issues commercial fishermen are most concerned about, most engaged in, and most interested in.”
Lindsey Bloom is UFA’S SHIP program director-
“This project on our end at this point does not have a lot of shape yet, because we feel we want it to be directed by the fleet and by the salmon fishermen themselves.” 
They are looking for these answers with a short and simple online opinion survey.
“We are asking people what local issues they are most concerned about in their region. We are asking people to tell us what sources they use to get information, newspapers, websites, or social media that they most go to for habitat related information. And lastly who they trust, so we can get a better understanding of who fishermen are trusting and listening to as well.” 
Bloom says the survey results could be used to help shape fish policy.
“I think that fishermen are some of the smartest and best equip people to guide fish policy in Alaska; fishermen are grounded in community and family and sustainability and stewardship with the multi generational nature of salmon fishing in Alaska. So I want to see fishermen as informed on salmon habitat issues as they desire to be, and that it enables them to engage in a really impactful way with policy.”    
Completing the survey offers a chance for some nice prizes.
“They get entered to win a $500 dollar gift certificate on Alaska Airlines or a $200 dollar gift certificate for LFS fishing supply store. And if they go share the survey on their Facebook page they get entered again.” 
Find the salmon survey at www.
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