Fisheries Update July 15 2013


This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini.  Salmon is making waves this summer, along with many more fisheries. Hear more after this…

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As Alaska hits the  middle of summer, so does  the 2013 salmon season. State managers total salmon harvest for all species, topped 47 million fish last week, with a total forecast of 179 million. Sockeye salmon made up more than half of the total catch, coming in a little over 23 million fish. We’ll likely see pinks rise to the top of the tally board later this season.

At Upper Cook Inlet, Eastside set-netters have taken nearly 114,000 sockeye and 271 Chinook salmon in only four openers. The set-netters were largely shut down last season due to the Chinook by-catch concern.

In Bristol Bay, it seems as though fishermen will end with a lackluster catch this year. So far just over 13 million sockeye have been taken, coming in short of the  pre – season forecast of over 16 million.

On the Lower Yukon River, the new Dipnet and beach seine fishery has worked out well. The commercial chum catch through  July 3 was around 204,000 fish, with 837 Chinook released.

Salmon  opened last week way up in Kotzebue Sound; They expect a good chum run with a harvest that could reach 250,000 fish.

Lots of other fisheries are going on as well…

The Norton Sound red king crab fishery began July 3rd for open access and CDQ fishing with nearly half a million pounds.

In Southeast

The Summer Dungeness crab season will be cut a week short after it’s June 15th opener. With fewer permits and landings in the first week of the season, fish managers are saying it is the lowest catch they have seen since 1994. The season will close August 8th.

In the Gulf

The Weathervane Scallop season opened July 1st. Amongst many ground fish fisheries.

Pollock reopens late August. The halibut catch  is about half of the 22 million pound quota. over 60% of the 28 million pound Sable fish quota has been landed. Out in the Bering Sea  Pollock and Cod fishing continues as well.

Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods who says thanks to its hard working fleet for another successful salmon season.   In Kodiak, I’m stephanie Mangini.