Seaweed is alkalizing, detoxifying, and is loaded with nutrients. Eating more of it improves the health of our oceans and environment by absorbing carbon and reducing acidification. Blue Evolution is bringing seaweed to the surface and putting it on shelves in a consumer friendly way.    
 “We are trying to make it into products that are familiar to North American Consumers. So our first few items we decided on were Penne and Rotini pasta, Mac and Cheese. And we have a dried marinara sauce pack.”   
Beau Perry is the owner and founder of Blue Evolution-
“We think these pasta’s taste great! They are not fishy or sea-weedy, they definitely have a different flavor, but we think it is a positive one.  It actually deepens the flavor profile that everyone from moms and dads feeding it to their kids, to gourmet chefs are a responding very positively as well.”
Seaweeds nutrition profile is loaded with omegas, iodine, zinc, magnesium, and the list goes on. Perry says that it is a win-win for both humans and the planet.  
“The great thing about seaweed is that you can have your cake and eat it too. It’s really good for you the consumer, but it’s also really good for you the fishermen, in that you can make money growing it and it is doing good things for wild ecosystems and wild fisheries or commercial fisheries while it is in the water.”
Mariculture farms are on the rise. Not only are they providing jobs, there are providing healthy habitats and protecting marine life from harmful toxins.

“Seaweed has a pretty de-acidification function, so it is buffering shellfish from increased acidity. It also has a very low negative impact on the existing livelihoods and the wild ecosystem that I know Alaskans are so dedicated to protecting.”   
Blue Evolution mission is to grow the purest product, bring a new resource to coastal communities, and connect people to the ocean.
“On the coast, I saw a common theme. Economies suffering. So I thought mariculture was a good place for those communities to maybe build a new future and for coastal communities to adopt a new resource.”
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Alaska Fish Radio’s Stephanie Mangini