Sitka Seafood Parade 

Whether it is crab or fish, celebrating the abundance of our fisheries with festivals brings our communities together. From  Salmon Stock in Ninilchik to The Salmon Jam and Copper River Wild Festival in Cordova, along with the Pink Salmon Festival in Valdez –

And starting this Thursday is the Sitka Seafood Festival in Southeast Alaska.

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“We are going to kick off the events on August 10th on Alaska’s Wild Salmon day.”

Alyssa Russell is the communications and outreach coordinator for the Alaska Longline Fishermen Association.

The initial nine-day festival hosted by the Alaska Sustainable Trust,  and the Alaska Longline Fishermen Association will have nightly seafood themed events; from storytelling to film screenings,  marine biology tours and a fish skin sewing class along with the main day event with booths and food and games and more.

“There is going to be a ton of fun events for everyone. We are going to do a fishermen’s triathlon,  and it’s not your typical triathlon. All of the activities and obstacles will be related to fishing gear and we are going to do a tote race in the harbor.”

Russell says that the festival is ongoing over the next few months.

“We are going to do some follow-up events throughout the fall, so the festival will really be going until early November. The seafood festival has always ended with a big banquette. We are inviting a visiting chef that will cook up local seafood, and that will be right after our fishermen’s expo; which is an educational event that we offer to local commercial fishermen.”

Russell says a huge reason for the expanded festival is the fishermen.   

“Historically the festival has been in held in the summer, and that is great because lots of people are around in the summer.  There are tourists in town and people from out of town visiting so there are a lot of different people that we can bring together for a real community gathering, however, fishermen are obviously out fishing in the summer, and commercial fishermen are the root to our organization. It is important to us that they are able to be involved.
So extending the festival into the fall makes it so our fishermen can actually attend.”

The Sitka Seafood Festival starts Thursday, all proceeds will go to the Young Fishermen’s Initiative; go to for the schedule of events and to learn more about the fishermen’s expo and fishermen’s feast. Find links at