“May 11 2015

This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. A new Super bait is catching on quick. I’ll tell you more after this…


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A new type of bait is changing the game for anglers and commercial fishermen alike. Fishing Physics holds the patent to the new super bait, and there is nothing else like it. This eco friendly fish bait… made out of a special hydro gel is a better fish attractant, reusable, and cost effective.  -Fishing-Physics-

“The hydro gel itself is biodegradable and can also take whatever shape we put it in. It also absorbs liquid, I.E. the scent of various fish.”

Fishing Physics President Michael Perry-

“We are able to take these hydro- gel baits or commercial baits and put the scent in and then it discharges the scent over a twelve hour period in the water. The fish is attracted to the scent as well as the visual part of the lure itself. So it is a double hit for the sport fishermen that are out there.”

It is new to the sport fishing market, and they have just started testing it commercially.

 “In the commercial end of it we found that it mimics the actual bait that they are using for the long lines, and so far has worked very well up there. We just got it out this spring on a couple of boats, but the results have looked pretty good for us.”

A handful of commercial boats are trying out the bait right now. Perry says fishermen are doing a comparison of live bait to theirs.

“Using our bait compared to live bait is… Well for one it’s less expensive; which is huge for fishermen. You also don’t have the storage issue. Our bait can be kept in any tempter, so it makes it pretty easy for the commercial fishermen to store it, and have it available when they need it.”

There are over 8 different scents; from squid to herring to octopus- and for the sports fishermen earthworm.

“The scent itself is actually from the various fish. So that octopus is going to be actual octopus, and that is absorbed into the hydro gel and then discharged into the water within a twelve hour period.”  

Perry says the lasting power of the scent gives fishermen an advantage.

“The fish absolutely believe that this is real food and they go after it. That ocean floor is going to be full of scent and should attract a lot of fish and help to catch fish quicker and get them on the boat quicker.”

Wow is the response Fishing Physics is receiving about their super bait from all users.

“I believe it is a game changer in the fishing industry. And we hope that commercial fishermen will see it as a game changer. When we can save them maybe as much of a third of the cost of their bait, that equals out to a lot of money, and that is huge.”

Perry says they can fulfill any size order for any fishermen’s needs. To learn more about Fishing Physics check out their website www.fishing-physics.com, or ind links at our website www.alaskafishradio.com.

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