The call is out for photos for one of the industry’s oldest fishing publications. Fishermen’s News has been the voice of the Pacific commercial fishing industry since 1945. They are asking for pictures for their 9th annual 2019 calendar photo contest.
“We have  gotten a lot  of photos already. It’s going to be the hardest calendars to judge yet, because we have such good photos coming in.”
Bill Forslund is the Advertising Sales Manager for Fishermen’s News. He and his team are on the lookout for the best 12 photos to highlight the West Coast and Alaska fishing industry.
“We get hundreds of photos. It is a huge project, but it has been fun to do because all of our readers love it; it is our favorite thing that they get to use all year.”
Forslund loves that the calendar captures the hard-working men and women in the industry and is seen by thousands of people throughout the year.
“The unique thing about our calendar is that it is populated with pictures that are sent in by our subscriber, our readers the fishermen on the west coast.”
They are accepting all commercial fishing photos, from scenic shots to action shots.
“The theme is all aspects of the fishing industry. So we are looking for long liners, seiners, trawlers, gillnetters, set netters, crabbers, the whole nine yards. We are looking for any piece of the fishing industry that will look nice in the calendar.”
They are asking for high quality, high resolution, horizontally laid out photos.
“It is hard to narrow down the pictures because we get so many great pictures. It is difficult, but we do it every year. We look forward to it, and every year in September we narrow down all the photos and the winners.”
Winners are announced every year at the Fishermen’s News booth at Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle. Photo credits are given to the photographer, along with a few prizes.
“The winners receive one hundred and fifty dollars, 25 calendars to share with family and friends, and they also get bragging rights at the bar because their picture was in Fishermen’s News calendar; and a year subscription to Fishermen’s News magazine.”
The photo deadline is August 24. Go to for photo contest rules.