August 8, 2016


This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. From fruit to fish.  I’ll tell you more after this…

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Whooshh Innovations has made a fish’s final destination to the spawning ground a sure thing. The whoosh cannon is just making headway in the fishing industry but has been widely used with food.salmon cannon


“The Salmon Cannon came about as a result of work that we were doing in the food industry.  And that was trying to figure out how to move fruit from an apple tree into a bin gently.”


Vincent Bryan is CEO of Whooshh Innovations-


“So that is where we started.  And it became apparent almost immediately that we could move lots of things, and what seemed like an obvious product or item to move through our transport tube was a fish.”


The transport tube helps the salmon to travel up stream without the struggle. The salmon cannon shoot fish up and over damns or other obstructions blocking their path of migration.


“Studies that we have conducted now for a number of years have shown that compared to the present way of getting fish past barriers; and a lot of the was that people have tried , this way is less expensive and less stressful on the fish.”


The issue of stress on the fish and a change in the salmon’s natural behavior has been questioned.


“People have asked us, how do you know its okay for the fish? And we say, because when they come out of the tube the turn their head and look back at us, waving their tail saying thanks. But really in all seriousness what we have found in the very first studies that we did was really on the stress levels of the cortisol levels on the fish, and if they were raised by going into the tube. The outcome was that it was not raised.”


The transport tube doesn’t only benefit the fish but also fish handlers.


“Whether it be in the processing plant or in the fisheries, or in aquaculture or hatcheries, fish are not easy to move when you’re trying to move them around. So to have a new way of doing that without stressing the fish, we think it’s pretty exciting.”


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