The Salmon Sisters are giving back to the communities in Alaska with their Give Fish Project. The one to one program supports the fishermen who work hard to feed the world and the people who are in need of wild Alaska salmon protein.
“We wanted to share our salmon with communities in Alaska, and what better way to get our catch on their plate.”
Claire Neaton- co creator and founder of The Salmon Sisters. 
“As commercial fishermen we have an incredible amount of pride for our work and our catch. And it is really neat to find a direct route to get it into more Alaskans hands. And to help the image of commercial fishermen as a big part of Alaska’s communities and economies and being supportive of the communities that allow them to do their work.”
The Salmon Sisters didn’t have any trouble getting the help of Food Bank of Alaska and Silver Bay Seafoods to create the program. 
“We wanted to help with Alaska’s basic needs. And as a business go above and beyond and give back to all of the people, and especially the coastal communities that have supported us.”
The Salmon Sisters handcrafted designs are printed on a variety of clothing and accessories, to home goods.  
  “Any Salmon Sister product purchased on line thru our website or retail stores across Alaska, we match it one for one. So a can will be donated for every item sold.”
The canned wild Alaska pink salmon comes from Silver Bay Seafoods seine fleet from Prince William Sound to Southeast Alaska.  
“Its shelf stable, it’s delicious, it’s good, and it is easy to get around the state. The food bank is supplying to over 60 communities out of anchorage.”    
Claire says their Give Fish Program is a “forever project”. Their first donation of almost 15k cans landed in Anchorage in July and they plan on another shipment for the holidays.  
“As fishermen or growing up in a fishing family we have constant access to Alaska seafood. And we forget that it’s not the case in the entire state. It is nice to be able to give back and allow more families to be adding seafood into their diets weekly.”
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