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Salmon top cities, Iowa salmon, more news
August 24, 2016

Recirculating aquaculture systems come to Iowa Credit: Inland

Recirculating aquaculture systems come to Iowa
Credit: Inland

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch …. Lots of salmon in the news from elsewhere – including Iowa!  More after this —

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Alaska fishermen and managers are scratching their heads over the no-show of pink salmon this summer.  Most blame warming waters and weird weather patterns for creating unfavorable conditions for salmon fry as they head offshore to feed. Others say it’s likely hostile ocean conditions that’s caused poor runs for all Alaska salmon species except sockeyes.

That’s not the case in Russia where the salmon catch has topped 400-thousand tons, the second highest harvest ever. That equates to 880 million pounds of salmon, including nearly 306 million pounds of pinks. Nearly all of the salmon will go to fish-hungry Russian consumers who are in the second year of an ongoing embargo of seafood from other countries.

Alaska salmon could soon face competition from, of all places, Iowa. A company called Inland Sea-Harland announced this week that it plans to build the largest recirculating aquaculture system in the nation  and eventually produce over five million pounds of farmed Atlantic salmon every year. The company says it chose Iowa because of its low cost utilities and easy access to transportation. The company aims to be the top producer of farmed salmon in the U.S. and is seeking investors now.

Finally, Chicken of the Sea has named the Top 10 U.S. Salmon Cities in honor of National Salmon Day on October 8. The company created National Salmon Day last year as a way to remind Americans of the significant health advantages of the iconic fish.  Based on research using numerous data points, the top 10 salmon eating cities are Anchorage, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, Nashville, Tennessee, New York City and San Diego.

Chicken of the Sea, which uses wild Alaska salmon,  is asking the public on October 8 to use the hashtag #NationalSalmonDay on their social media platforms to win a seven-day Alaskan cruise.

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