November 26, 2014



This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. Thankful are we to Alaskas fisheries. More after this…


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The seafood industry provides more jobs in Alaska than oil, gas, mining, timber and tourism combined.  Seafood is by far Alaska’s #1 and most valuable export.  Fish Radio asked Kodiak fishermen and residents what they were most thankful for when it came to our fishing industry. turkey fish


“I am most thankful for the people I got to know on the boat and for teaching me how to work on the boat.”

“The little boost in salmon price; That’s been helpful the past couple of years.”

“Good weather whenever we get it.”

“Well the way it’s been going I’m thankful for a job. I mean my goodness! IFQ’s a lot of people lost jobs. You know fewer boats, fewer crews, and fewer captains. It’s going crazy, it’s not like it use to be you know where everybody would go out you got a quota, you fish your behind off and the more you fish the more you make. I’m glad we can fish.”


Even those who aren’t directly involved in fishing are thankful for what it brings into our community. They shared their appreciation for seafood fueling our economy…


“This whole community ebbs and flows with the different seasons. I love it here, and the people that work and are a big part of this industry.”

“I am most thankful for the relationships I have developed over the years with the fishing community.”

“It provides us with a strong family bond and tradition and businesses that one day our children will be able to take over.”

 “I’m thankful for all the jobs that it provides for citizens here in Kodiak who are not necessarily fishermen. It provides a lot of jobs at the processing plants, it provides jobs here at the harbor, mine included and my staffs and we are grateful  for that, and just the dozens of other occupations and vocations here in Kodiak that provide services to the fleet. And we all have jobs because our fleet is able to fish and we have a wonderful resource to catch.”

Fish Radio wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.


Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods, celebrating 101 years of partnership with Alaska’s coastal communities.  In Kodiak, I’m Stephanie Mangini.